Monday, 7 June 2010

Hold on to more...

My friend Josephine had her first solo exhibition.  Absolutely stunning drawings.  The private view was held at the 'Cube' gallery in Commercial Road. She draws a narrative, which relays the vision - imperfections are to be seen not covered. “My admiration of round pear shaped hips and big boned bodies is a strong foundation to explore my awe of seriously large women.” she explains, “Where marks, harsh blemishes and flaws carve through the women’s bodies like hieroglyphics on a wall – these are battle scars translating her life story.”

Succeeding international successful group shows in Beirut and Lisbon, collaborating with Cosmic Mega Brain, Mark McGowan and Mutate Britain, Josephine's new body of work is a firm declaration of the allure of the independent mind incased in an unconventional form. Over two floors of vivid coloured texts, detailed patterned fabrics, beautifully erotic drawings all pulling you into Josephine Ada Chinonye Chime’s world of honest beauty existing in reality. 

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